The Benefits of Using a Hot Tub for Arthritis

For those who suffer from Arthritis, but not enough to be on medications, like me, you are always looking for something to take that stiff feeling out of your joints so you can move easier and get some good sleep.

There just must be something out there, currently, that would provide some relief without popping a lot of pills. I know I have resorted to my old heating pad many of times just to get to sleep.

Well, there is something on the market that not only relieves the pain, soreness and stiffness but it will also help you sleep without medication! I’m talking about an inflatable hot tub also known as a portable hot tub to use for warm water therapy.

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Why an Inflatable Hot Tub?

I personally just don’t have the room or money to purchase a large hot tub, I would be the only one to use it. I have done some research on these jacuzzssi tubs and for me, they are just perfect.

Besides, if I get tired of where it is, it is so portable that I can move it by myself with very little assistance. Who doesn’t like to change the furniture around every now and then?

When checking the price difference, an inflatable style hot tub can cost from, $300 to $800 or $900 while a permanent large one is in the thousands of dollars.

Well, why not give it a try, click here to see the reviews our site has done on some great Inflatable Hot Tubs.

What is Arthritis?

Let me explain a little about arthritis first for those that don’t suffer from the condition. It is an inflammation of the joints and can affect all or just one joint in your body. While it can affect anyone, it is mostly seen in adults over the age of 65.  Learn more here.

Pain is felt when the connective tissues in some joint wears out from years of use and abuse.The pain can be from an injury to the joint. The cartilage tissue breaks down and causes some arthritis to form.  Along with that comes pain, loss of flexibility and stiffness as the bones rub together.

What you want to do is find something that can reduce the pain and prevent further damage to the joints. There is always medication you can take, use a walking assistance device and in some cases, have surgery and physical therapy and hydrotherapy.

How Does a Hot Tub Help?

By using a therapeutic spa, you will be providing your body with a warm massage that will take the stiffness out of your joints. All spas have soothing air jets that deliver a massaging effect.

The buoyancy of the water removes the pressure on your joints which will give you more movement. In water, your body feels like it only weights 10% of our real weight so you can move around easier.

Women using inflatable hot tub for arthritus

Being able to move easier in the water will give you the ability to do some exercises that you could not perform on dry land.

The warmth of the water also makes your blood vessels dilate and improve your circulation. You will be getting oxygen rich blood to all part of your body.

Just knowing that you are helping to restore some flexibility and strength to your joints will give you a sense of accomplishment and you will be able to sleep like a baby.


These tubs are easy to inflate as they come with their own pump. Most are easy to operate with digital control panels, temperature dial and air-jet controls. As always, read the owner’s manual before using.

What a practical idea for the entire family to use this winter and think how happy the grandparents will be when they come to visit. Get that swimsuit out and slither into a tub full of soothing, therapeutic bubbles! You can read more about inflatable hot tub reviews on our site that can help you with warm water therapy.


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