Canadian Spa Company Rio Grande 4-person Inflatable Spa

CSCHTR29 Rio Grande Inflatable Spa

Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande 4-Person Inflatable Spa, 29"
Canadian Spa Company CSCHTRG29 Rio Grande 4-Person Inflatable Spa, 29"
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This hot tub is quite impressive with its unique design and numerous features. The Canadian Spa Company Rio Grande 4 person spa is a quality product that will give you years of pleasure.

Feature List

  • Water filtration system
  • Heating system to 103 Degree F
  • Inflatable lid
  • Filter cartridges
  • 88 Bubble massage jets
  • Chemical Floater
  • 340W heater, 500W massage pump

Are you stressed out? Do you need a relaxing massage? I have the answer for you. Try spending some time in an inflatable hot tub with all the bells and whistles. I would suggest that you try the  Canadian Spa Company’s Rio Grande inflatable hot tub and try it in your own backyard.

We believe this hot tub is great buy because of the numerous features it offers. The company that makes this hot tub wanted to produce a product that their customers could use to relieve tension and anxiety from their fast paced lives. Rio Grande inflatable hot tub’s features are as follows.

CSCHTR29 Rio Grande Features

Canadian Spa Company Rio Grande inflatable hot tubThis spa is very easy to assemble and can be plugged into  any standard outlet.  The heating system will bring the temperature of the water up to 103 degrees F.

After inflating the hot tub and filling it to the recommended capacity, it will heat up at the rate of 2-3 degrees an hour which is standard for these products.

Water Filtration

The water filtration system is also available on this product. Using clean water is quite important if you care about your health.

The inflatable hot tub uses filter cartridges which can clean the water from all kinds of impurities. Since this is so important, the product comes with extra filter cartridges to make certain that the product is always safe and ready for your use.


The control unit for this hot tub is all on the outside of the tub. This feature makes for easier maintenance and never gets in the way when the customer is relaxing inside the tub. The control unit takes care of the water filtration system, massage pump and the heater

There are 88 high powered bubble jets that produce air bubbles and waves that will give you a great, stress relieving massage over your entire body. The unit is 29″ deep so a person can submerge their entire body except for their head, of course.

A chemical floater is also available with this product so there is a constant release of  Chlorine and Bromine to keep the water clean and safe to use.


This product comes with an inflatable cover that  is made of aluminum and polyester. The primary purpose of this inflatable cover is to keep the heat inside the tub when it is not in use and to keep debris from entering the tub. It is a great safety measure also and will keep small children away from the tub when they are unsupervised as the cover can be locked on.


The material used to make the inflatable hot tub is reinforced vinyl and the wall is made using a contour I-beam structure. This will make the entire product more rigid and is safer than other types of inflatable hot tubs.


Just follow the enclosed manual, and setting this hot tub up is a breeze. You will not need tools of any kind to get your spa up, filled, heated and ready for your first of many relaxing experiences.


The product is spacious enough to entertain four people at one time. Invite the family and neighbors over for a spa party!


  • It is portable.
  • The product  can be set up without any difficulty.
  • The material by which the product is made is quite durable for use.
  • Sides have an I-beam construction for stability
  • It is inexpensive.
  • The  material is comfortable.
  • Water capacity of 217 gallons
  • Accommodate up to 4 people


  • It’s heating process takes a while
  • It cannot be used in severe weather conditions

Review of Canadian Spa Company CSCHTR29 Rio Grande

Apart from the disadvantages stated in this review, the product seems very reliable. It has quite a few features that can help customers achieve a good end to a stressful routine.

You can find the best price here on amazon and read more reviews.

Quite often, all we need to rid ourselves of stress is to spend some quality time at home with our family and just relax. Having the option of jumping  into a hot tub in the backyard would be just what you need. Sit back, relax and let the bubbles take your cares away.

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