Lifesmart Hot Tub Review

Lifesmart Spa Excalibur

Lifesmart hot tub review

The Lifesmart hot tub is a great product to purchase when a person needs to relax and have a stress free routine. This system has everything you will need and you can have it setup within minutes and ready to fill.

Features list

  • Bubble massage with air jets
  • Filtration pump
  • Touch button controls
  • Floor cushioning
  • Spa cover
  • Heating system

Hot tubs are especially made to relax one’s mind and body. The Lifesmart M Spa Excalibur Alpine Inflatable spa is great product because of its tremendous features providing customer satisfaction. Its unique features are put together in such a way that every feature contributes to a quality relaxing experience.

From the heating system to the massaging system, every procedure is enjoyable for the customer. Lifesmart hot tub comes with multiple accessories that will be discussed later.

Lifesmart Hot Tub Features

First of all, customers are provided with an excellent manual that explains all  the necessary knowledge needed to use the hot tub in a safe manner. It is very detailed and will be a great reference as long as you own the spa.

There is nothing complicated in lifesmart hot tub. Every feature is quite easy to use. Inflating the tub is easy and it can be ready to fill with water within minutes. There are no difficulties faced by users.

The lifesmart hot tub has a bubble massaging system that consists of a total of 100 jets which produce waves and bubble through the high powered pump. These air jets and bubbling system do require high amount of electricity to start working.

The lifesmart hot tub contains a filtration pump and it will keep the water clean and free of harmful bacteria. Lifesmart thinks about health first therefore they have provided this great filtration pump.

The pump helps in cleaning water from all kinds of impurities with it’s replaceable filters that come with this package.

The control panel has touch button control and by reading the manual, you will know that you can operate the system with no problems,  It has a set of buttons that can activate the filtration pump, the bubbling system and the heating system.

With the one touch button control feature, customers are allowed to increase or reduce temperatures depending on their needs. If they want high temperature, they may increase degrees by using the buttons. This control panel is of good quality and customers are satisfied with the way it operates so efficiently.

Since everyone knows that inflatable hot tubs are made for relaxation, the product needs to be the best in comfort for the user. Lifesmart Company is clever enough to provide cushion flooring for customers. Users will enjoy this feature as it allow for continued comfort all the time that you are in the hot tub.

Another thing that customers focus on is seating. They worry about how many people can fit in. Lifesmart hot tub can accommodate 3 to 4 adults at one time. It would be perfect for one person to be able to float around or for a couple to have an intimate evening in.

Apart from all these features, this product also comes with some accessories that add to the value of this hot tub. The item comes with a spa cover. It is an insulated cover used to keep heat inside when a customer wishes to use the spa later in the day or even the next day. Another benefit for this spa cover is to keep all blowing dirt and insects from landing in the spa and making a mess. Children are less likely to fool around the spa, knowing that the cover on it means, stay away!

lifesmart spa relaxing couple


  • There is no tool required for setting up the hot tub.
  • It  comes with a complete manual.
  • The bubbling system is quite helpful is soothing one’s body.
  • Because of the material used in it, the product is durable and reliable.


    • It can only accommodate 4 people. It is not suitable for big families.
    • It cannot be used in extreme winters.

If you really want to enjoy a relaxing time with family and friends, the Lifesmart hot tub is ideal for you.

After reading all the qualities of the lifesmart hot tub, you may decide this is the hot tub you should go with. This product has quite a few features that can make this a fine choice.

While lifesmart hot tub is a great deal, I did not find it available to purchase on Amazon. So, I’m recommending the Best Selling Coleman Spa for you to look at rather than this model.

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