Inflatable Hot Tub Parts – Everything You Need To Add To Your Spa Experience

Intex Corp. sells spas, toys, above ground pools, airbeds, boats, furniture, inflatable hot tubs accessories and many other pool replacement parts. Intex is a part of a global family of businesses with more than four decades of history behind them.

Their purpose is to provide you with the best quality products at a reasonable cost. All their products are made to increase your fun and provide you with a safe experience while enjoying your new hot tub. Intex experts provide you with exceptional items and a flawless customer service support system.

When it comes to the product list at Intex, they are the most well-known, reliable and ingenious company in the industry for portable hot tubs. Their frequent testing of finished items ensures that they reach the higher standards of quality, value, and safety.

The company  strives to decrease their carbon footprint with each product they create.

Intex products are a great addition to your outdoor pools and hot tubs. If you need replacement parts, you will most likely find what you need with the Intex product line.

Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit

The Intex PureSpa Maintenance Kit is a fantastic addition to your PureSpa inflatable hot tub. Keeping the PureSpa neat and clean can increase the life span of your Intex hot tub. The Intex Spa Maintenance Kit, was introduced to help you with the job of cleaning your product for hours of safety and fun.

This Maintenance kit can be useful for all day spas, and features a durable mesh, curved brush skimmer for debris and leaves. It also has a scrubber pad to help you get rid of tough grime and dirt from the inflatable PureSpa.

This kit is similar to big pools’ maintenance kits but of course, is much cheaper and still does a great job. Such kits can easily be used to clean the pool within the small-time frame of a couple of hours. This will leave you more time to spend enjoying your hot tub with family and friends.

Maintenance Kit Features:

  • Best tool for all day spas includes brush for sidewall care
  • Durable fine mesh skimmer net can help get rid of leaves and other debris
  • Scrubber pad can help remove grime and dirt

Intex Hot Tub Parts and Spa Filters

The PureSpa-filter works by trapping contaminants and unhealthy substances that are in the pool. They are kept in the filtration system until you do the required maintenance, which means replacing the filter cartridge.

This newly designed filter can easily protect and remove more impurities than the old style of sand filters did. Just by doing a routine maintenance of changing the filter, you can keep your hot tub germ free and ready for use at any time,

Fine sand filter requires pressure to allow water to move through it for the filtration process to happen. The Pure-Spa filter doesn’t require pressure but just the natural flow of water allows the filter to work to purify  the entire hot tub system.

When it comes to the size of particles that are blocked, it can easily catch contaminants between five and ten microns.

This is just about half the size that the old sand filter could filter out.

Now you can always keep the spa water clean, by using the Intex PureSpa Type S1 Pool Filter Cartridges.

It truly does work with all Intex PureSpas versions.

Don’t forget to change the filter cartridges on a regular basis to get the best results. We recommend that you replace your cartridges every 14 days to increase the spa’s performance.

Features List

  • This S1 Cartridge Filtration system will keep the PureSpa water fresh and clean
  • Made out of easy-to-clean, heavy-duty Dacron sheet for the best purification
  • For best performance, thoroughly clean cartridges every week and change once a month

Hot Tub Cleaners  “Oh YUK” Hot Tub Cleaner

This particular product was created to get rid of unseen pollutants in the hot tub system.

When these impurities are eliminated, you’ll see clearer water, with less foam, better purification, higher chemical effectiveness, and an overall better, healthier experience!

It is suggested that you change the hot tub water every three months. Simply because the dissolved particles will increase and hamper the overall performance of the sanitizer.

Remember to keep the water moving to make sure proper purification happens and avoid stagnant water that can cause high bacteria levels.

It is important to sustain proper chlorine or bromine residual to avoid water-related disease.

Oh Yuk Tub Cleaner finds invisible pollutants in the spa and removes them for a safer, cleaner, healthier hot tub experience.

Use of this Spa Cleaner every time you drain the water out and put fresh water in.

Features List

  • This cleaner improves water clarity and quality while improving chemical efficiency
  • Gets rid of toxic contamination and improves purification
  • Increases the lifespan of the equipment!
  • Significantly eliminates foaming, and gets rid of nasty deposits

Intext Hot Tub Parts – Defoamer

Spa Defoamer instantly removes and helps prevent foaming in the hot tub water and keeps it looking clear.

Foam is a major hot tub problem and makes the water appear dirty. Some of the best deformer can help clean the water by dissolving the foam.

It also removes foam that has build-up in the water over time but doesn’t appear when the water is not moving.

Apart from dissipating foam, it will keep the foam from accumulating and will level out the chemical substances in the water. It can make the water less dense and gooey, a byproduct of to much foam.

This spa defoamer is a leading solution which is of high-quality and cost-effective. It can swiftly get rid of the foam from the spa water within minutes and the results are a perfectly inviting hot tub for your enjoyment.

Features List

  • Quickly removes and stops foam ina hot tub
  • Water-based solution, won’t disturb water chemistry
  • User-friendly and uncomplicated, just pour and watch the foam amazingly fade away
  • The product has a silicone emulsion, don’t use if you’re hypersensitive to silicone

Intex Hot Tub Parts – Concentrated Spa Clarifier

Hot spa water clarifier decreases the need for shock chemical substances and bromine. It will give the water that crystal clear look.

An integral part of treatment, cleaning and maintenance of chlorine-free water for a healthy and happy soak or swim. The use of clarifier for the hot tub is very cost effective  compared to other spa chemical substances.

Water clarifier belongs to a full complement of chemical substances for many spas and hot tubs, including hot tub defoamer, concentrated chlorine, and spa shock, and so forth. There is no need to wait after pouring the clarifier through the system; you will be back in your spa or hot tub within minutes.

Highly effective hot tub and spa clarifier quickly transform murky water into crystal clear water. Uniquely formulated for hot water treatment.

This hot tub water clarifier uses a unique polymer-bonded action to reduce the effects of grime, soap, suspended particles and oily films contaminants fin the water. It helps hot tub filters perform at high efficiency. Decreases the need for nasty hot tub bromine and spa shock chemical substances by quickly getting rid of dirt contaminants.

Enjoy a clear and clean hot tub immediately, no need to wait after treatment. Get back to treating yourself to the benefits of soaking in a jacuzzi.

Features List

  • Hot tub water clarifier works with all sanitizers
  • Improves cartridge filter performance
  • Use on a regular basis to increase water clarity
  • Other intex luxury accessories and parts

Intex Hot Tub Parts – Inflatable Bench for 28403 / 28404

The PureSpa bench is the best place to relax and lounge while sitting in the Hot tub. Manufactured with exactly the same colors and a curved shape to easily fits in the hot tub for hours of relaxation.

If you want to remove the inflatable bench, it can be done by one person with no problems. Just unlatch the hooks and out it comes.

The Intex Bench is made of laminated PVC material which is very study, yet soft and comfortable for a relaxing spa experience.

Two or three individuals can easily sit on the spa bench at one time. This is particularly a plus when you are having a neighborhood hot tub party.

Features List

  • Locks and attaches into place
  • Fits easily with all PureSpa models
  • Made to fit the curved contour around the Spa
  • Easily-removed with convenience
  • The PureSpa Bench is the best place to relax and lounge while sitting in your Spa

Intex Hot Tub Parts – Spa Seat

The Intex Spa Seat is meticulously made for your comfort and allows the water to flow around you effortlessly. It also has a slip resistant texture and offers a couple of different height features to match your bodily proportions.

Features List

  • This PureSpa seat helps you sit comfortably and is adjustable to different heights
  • Easily-removed, and slip resistant
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 8.6 x 14 inches (47 x 36 x 22 cm)

Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

Take full advantage of your time in the spa with the Intex PureSpa Attachable Cup Holder and Refreshment Tray Accessory.

This is a revolutionary and simple way to keep the beverages cool and close at your hand while not having to leave the relaxing hot tub.

This spa cup holder affixes firmly to the edge of the pool wall. It features spaces for a couple of standard size bottles or other drink containers plus, extra space for your keys, wallets, phone, snack or other personal effects.

It’s easy to attach and remove. With this particular product, your beverages stay out of the water, so they stay refreshingly cool. A textured bottom makes sure that things stay in place. Its laminated design will endure dampness and heat.

This Cup Holder Refreshment Tray will keep your favorite drinks and treats within arm’s reach while relaxing in your hot tub.

This Cup Holder holds a couple of standard sized drinks or mugs and is made using long lasting plastic which is immune to chemicals.

Features List

  • It holds a couple of standard size drink containers
  • It can keep snacks and drinks close to you
  • This PureSpa Cup Holder and refreshment tray is made to affix to the hot tub wall firmly

Intex Hot Tub Parts – PureSpa Headrest

To help you relieve stress while inn your hot tub, intex is offering a special Spa Headrest. It helps to relieve stress and let the bubbles and jets relax you in the hot water of the spa. Just close your eyes and spend some time with by yourself.

This headrest sits firmly on the edge of the hot tub letting you recline in comfort and relieve the tenseness in your neck.

Increase the inflatable hot tub experience with the Spa Headrest.

Made to be placed on the spa walls. It can easily be removed when not in use.

It can be filled with air to suit your personal need for firmness.  The slip-proof PureSpa headrest lets you relax comfortably in your spa and can accommodate your height level with a couple of different positions.

It is made with the same colors as your hot tub and has a curved contour that will wrap over the side of your spa. Easy to put on and easy to take off!

In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 50 lbs.
View on Amazon $118.99
Your pool water is safer and cleaner if the water chemistry is properly managed with 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets.

Keeping the water chemistry levels right in your hot tub can be easy. You can do this with the 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets. This is the most important element of pool treatment and can help you save money.

Maintaining your Intex hot tub is like maintaining your in-ground pool.

Check the chlorine and pH levels of pool water on a regular basis and adjust if needed.

Features List

  • 3″ Chlorine Tab weigh 8-10 ounces.
  • Highly effective 90% stable chlorine.
  • Best size for floaters, skimmers or any automated feeder.
  • 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.
  • Tablets are individually covered.


Intex Corp. has created a line of high-quality pool products that consist of pool accessories, pool chemicals, and all things in between.

Intex is committed to finding awesome product formulations that fulfill exceptional standards of pool replacement parts and other accessories for above ground pools and hot tubs. These products will make sure that your pool remains safe and secure, healthy, and crystal clear in appearance.

If you are in the market for your first inflatable hot tub, make sure and to read my guide to the perfect inflatable hot tub here to make sure your spa experience is a delightful one.

I hope, I’ve managed to help you with some advice on the ins and outs of how to keep your inflatable hot tub in great shape for your long term enjoyment, and shed some light on what’s out there for Intex hot tub accessories. Have a great summer and stay safe!