The Benefits of Using a Hot Tub for Arthritis

For those who suffer from Arthritis, but not enough to be on medications, like me, you are always looking for something to take that stiff feeling out of your joints so you can move easier and get some good sleep. There just must be something out there, currently, that would provide some relief without popping…

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Intex Inflatable Hot Tub

Intex Hot Tub – Portable Pure Spa The Intex Hot Tub Pure Spa  is an excellent choice and comes with great features. The bubble jet massage gives you that wonderful soothing feeling you’ve been looking for after a hard day at work. Features list Digital control panel Heating system up to 104 degrees Insulated cover for…

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Radiant Saunas BP5767 Inflatable Spa Review

Radiant Saunas BP5767 Inflatable Spa Review will talk about it’s main features of being puncture proof with material made of pvc, a floating digital control, a nice cover to keep it warm. It’s nice and simple to setup.

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