5 Easy Blow-up Hot Tubs Of This Year

Hot tubs when first came in the market they were deliberated as kid’s pool or just for an enjoyment thing. It’s more of a lifestyle now, a trend that majority is following. Many of you must have had bought them formerly or maybe thinking of buying one, thus your questioning minds might have had drifted you here to have a better idea of what to buy.

There are certainly many things that one may consider before buying a hot tub. To meet the needs of every individual there are many options out there. Some are permanent setups and some are blow-ups, which may strike one as an easy choice to perpetuate due to its portability.

To make sure you choose the best small blow-up hot tub, which meets your needs, it’s a good idea to consider several features before you buy one. Some of those features are discussed below that may be a primacy checkup.

Features To Look For In A Blow-Up Hot Tub:


A blow up hot tub come in a wide range of prices some being budget models are a good buy, starting from just a few dollars while others go up to a thousand for luxury experience premium blow-up hot tubs. The more dollars you add up to that price the more features you may get to experience in the hot tub. It depends on your budget so you can decide from a wide price range that is easy on your pocket.

Depth of a hot tub:

Depending on your height and how deep you want to soak yourself in you can determine to choose the depth of a hot tub accordingly. The deeper the hot tub the more people it may accommodate but at the same time uses more water and more water means more time to heat up. So be prepared.


The small sized hot tubs are a big hit as they can be placed nearly anywhere, you don’t need to have a big space to room one. The small tubs even are around 70 to 71 inches across and it is quite a comfortable size to fit in a 6-foot person.

Inner dimensions:

These days the hot tubs that are being built tend to have a much durable and sturdy wall material to support the fun when you jump in and out of the hot tub. It’s important that the walls do not sludge when you rest against it and it is firm to support your back. The walls of the hot tub are generally 10 inches thick to be strong enough and the diameter of even the smallest hot tub is around 71 inches approximately.


When one buys a hot tub they don’t just want it for a day or two but expect it to last as long as possible to prove it was a good investment overall. if only its made of strong and durable material but at the same time you don’t want it to be made out of a material that is too strong to be uncomfortable and tough to sit on or lean against.

Inner construction:

Inner constructions of the hot tub are responsible to make it strong and durable at the same time assuring it is comfortable enough to not ruin the fun. These days the walls of nearly every hot tub are made with the material that’s strong enough to hold hundreds of gallons of water.

I-beam construction is definite demand these days its made of PVC structures both aligned vertically and horizontally to assure its strong enough but that’s what makes them flexible too to, so that the hot tub is comfortable enough to meet the everyday use demand.

Water capacity:

Amongst the variety of hot tubs, you may look into small ones and also large hot tubs that are able to hold hundreds of gallons of water. This gives them a lot of edges like they are cheaper to keep hot, they clean up water easily and are easy to maintain, they are weightless and portable that allows you to deck them anywhere easily.

There are lines marked to give you an idea of maximum and minimum levels of water the hot tub may hold. Its 80% filled to allow you to get in for the other 20% of the space without spilling water on the ground. These factors are important to consider especially if you are planning to keep it indoors as you don’t want a mess.

The material of hot tub:

The better the material used the better is going to be the quality. These days the lay Z spas are mostly made out of triple layers of materials also known as tri-tech built. This helps in insulation as well as the strength of the hot tub.

Weight of the hot tub:

Although the hot tubs itself aren’t that heavy, that’s what makes them portable to move around. But it’s quite a surprise that once they are filled with a few hundred gallons of water and if you hop in it you cant move it around. Thus it’s important to position the hot tub before filling it up.

[As the features are quite clear now and you know what you should look into when looking for a hot tub so lets have a look at some of the easy blow up hot tubs of this year.]

  • Go-Plus Portable Spa:

This hot tub is made of triple PVC layer that is thick enough and also a central layer of aluminum foil that is covered in fabric, this makes is really tough and durable. It happens to have an insulated ground mat and cover that keeps it from losing out heat and water stays warm for long. It was an immediate hit due to being great on the budget along with some really good features.

Pros and Cons of Go-plus Portable Spa:   


  • Built-in hard water treatment
  • The power cable of a decent length around 10.8Ft
  • Easy to maintain with easily replaceable cartridges
  • Rapid heating system
  • Insulated ground cloth and cover that keeps the heat from losing out
  • Easy to transport and hold using handles
  • 130 bubble jets to give a good massage experience
  • Digitally controlled pump


  • No structured sitting
  • Takes time to heat up
  • Filters get dirty quickly 


  • SaluSpa Real-tree:

If you are looking for an affordable spa fun, then SaluSpa Real tree Max-5 Airjet inflatable spa is the best to consider. It’s perfect for soaking 4 people. It’s an impeccable way to leave behind all worries and give those sore muscles some massage. It may look good on a wooden decking or even on the lawn. Its portability makes it an open choice for you to place it anywhere. It happens to have a mosaic print on the inside and real tree print on the outside.

Pros and Cons of SaluSpa Real-tree:


  • Affordable for a good package
  • Easy to set up using spa pump
  • Doesn’t require any professional tools
  • The maximum temperature reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Insulated covers and floor and even air chambers provide great insulation even when not in use.
  • Convenient drainage valve
  • Easy to clean up and maintain
  • Sturdy I-beam construction
  • Easy to lift handles
  • Current trip system


  • Some say its noisy
  • Cant accommodate more than 4 people
  • The print on the outside might not be your jam
  • The drainage filters may get dirty quickly


  • Lay-Z Spa Miami:

When it comes to finest inflatable spa’s Bestway’s SaluSpa Miami smashes the market. It offers a simple setup both inside and out entryways. With a very proximate time of cutting edge in design and developments, the SaluSpa Miami gives a reasonable spa encounter, simple set-up (no instruments required) and offers an ordain to unwinding.

Pros and Cons of Lay-Z SaluSpa Miami:


  • Quick and easy setup
  • No professional tools needed
  • Easy to function using the digital control panel
  • Size after it is inflated: 71”x 26”
  • Automatic start/stop features 


  • Drainage plug at the bottom might cause leakage
  • Gives off a lot of moisture thus not suitable for indoor
  • Cant have the bubbles jet operative if the cover is on
  • Not operative below 40 degrees of temperature
  • Electricity bills may double up


  •  GoPlus 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub:

The real smash was inaugurated in the market on the launch of this hot tub. When it comes to small blow-up hot tubs with super strong construction and great deal, Goplus 4 person prevails upon many competitors out there. This powerful massage system hot tub makes itself worth every penny.

Pros and Cons of GoPlus Inflatable Hot Tub:


  • Insulated lockable lid
  • Built-in hard water treatment
  • Durable triple layer PVC construction
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Comes with repair kit and filter cartridges
  • Insulated ground mat and cover prevents heat loss
  • Easy to use digital panel
  • 130 air bubble jets to provide a spa like experience


  • Not well-explanatory user manual
  • Takes longer to setup
  • Noisy
  • The replaceable filters are hard to find
  • Automatic thermostat is hard to control and turn off


  • MSpa SuperCamaro

MSpa Super Camaro is undeniably fantastic looking luxury hot tub that performs superbly. It lets you enjoy a great soak while lying back with your neck and shoulders fully immersed. It is 28 inches deep and 71 inches wide. The outer surface is made out of tough woven leather while the inside is properly padded to ensure comfort. This top quality hot tub is a definite favorite pick.

Pros and Cons of MSpa Super Camaro:


  • Convenient sleek digital panel
  • 6 layers thick PVC construction
  • 138 adjustable air jets
  • Stylish insulated digital lock for safety
  • Insulation cover and ground mat
  • Strong built to width stand all-year round use


  • None


  •  MSpa Elite Jet Reve:

MSpa Elite Jet Reve comes in an elegant champagne gold colour. It has enough space for 4 people to sit back, lean and relax in a bubble massage bath. It is made out of tough 6 layers of PVC construction that makes it reliable to be used all year round. It doesn’t happen to lose the comfort as it’s built with Rhino-tech fabric.

This particular hot tub comprises of 118 adjustable massage air jets. It is made of whisper quite technology that makes it noiseless enough for you to enjoy a relaxing massage.

Pros and Cons of MSpa Elite Jet Reve:


  • 3 speed settings to adjust according to your comfort
  • Jet ports can be controlled manually
  • 118 air jets
  • LCD touch screen
  • Ozone generator
  • Chemical floater that keeps water clean
  • Built in warmer
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can be used in any weather
  • Can be set up indoors as well as out doors
  • No need for professional installation


  • None


Final verdict:

According to stats people tend to love their hot tubs, that’s a proof that these products maybe doing at-least something right. For most of us the urge to buy a hot tub comes in when the temperatures drop. This can be a great option not just in the cold winter days but also summers due to its great benefits. The easy blow-up hot tubs are stress-free to install literally anywhere. You only need to pay a fraction of cost in this case compared to the real permanent fixed hot tub and the same goes for the regular maintenance cost. But overall it’s your choice to make, that if you need one? And if yes then which one may be your best choice.


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